Multithreaded Brute-Force Combination Generator

Multithreaded Brute-Force Combination Generator is a flexible an easy to use application designed for fast  symbol sequences generation by unleashing the full power of your CPU. Apart from using the predefined symbol sets, the application enables you to define your own symbol set for more accurate and, of course, faster generation. Please note with each additional symbol in length the overall generation time and thus the size of an output file will grow exponentially. In order to at least partially alleviate this issue, the application supports the generation of combinations starting with symbol or symbols specified by you. The download is available on this page below.

If you decide to open a generated file, I recommend you use the 64-bit Notepad2 text editor simply because other tools fail load full text when a generated file is big. Also note when you generate in multithreaded mode, the combinations in an output file will not appear in alphabetical order!


Picture 1. Multithreaded Brute-Force Combination Generator



Test setup: 6 core Intel Xeon X5670 @ 4.2GHz CPU / 12GB RAM / Windows 7 Professional x64

Test settings (pic. 2):


Picture 2


Test results (pic. 3):

Picture 3

Picture 3

As seen it the diagram above, the application takes good advantage of multiple processor cores and, thus,  significantly speeds up the generation.


Multithreaded Brute-Force Combination Generator (executable)
Multithreaded Brute-Force Combination Generator (source code C#)
CAT CPU Tester
ASUS P6T Deluxe Crossflash to ASUS P6T WS PRO

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